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We Sell Reefer Homes ... Not that kind... but Shipping Container Offices and Tiny Homes Made From Refrigerated Shipping containers.

 shipping container homes
Stainless steel sandwiches highest R value fully insulated refrigerated container home or office. Tiny Home ready to hook to your electric and sewer or offgrid.
Hurricane tornado and earthquake  resistant when set on foundation. Can be set on trailer for towing too.
Can flood and never mold rot or mildew because we use no drywall in the construction.

* Split A/C for super cooling in minutes
* Laminate wood flooring throughout impervious to water
* Super efficient LED lighting throughout
* Tons of plug receptacles
* 110 and 220 volt wiring to South Florida Building Code

* Electric tankless water heater
* Full bath option or twin bathrooms in office configuration
* 1 bedroom or separate office with door
* Hurricane resistant impact windows
* Impact entry doors or sliding windows or French doors
* Structural insulated panels for interior walls - no drywall
* Stainless steel outside sandwiches 3-4" highest R value insulation with food grade stainless steel inside.
* Ready to plug into septic or sewer and Electric or generator or use an RV Plug
* Comes in the color of your choice.
* Fully customizable. Add bathrooms or showers. Add kitchen the way you want it.
* Add skylight sun funnel natural lighting.

* 10x more insulated and more beautiful than dry container structures.
* Optional Faux Spanish Barrel Tile roof

Ask me anything about it me anytime 8am to 10pm Eastern time.